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What is Taido?


Taido is a martial art created in Japan by Seiken Shukumine. He had formerly created the Genseiryu school of karate, but grew to see karate as limited and unchanging.

In 1965, he expanded his theories of motion beyond the confines of what could be considered karate and founded Taido.


Movement plays such a big role in Taido, that to many it looks like a combination of Capoeira and Karate.

Taido emphasizes the use of footwork to take advantageous angles and distance to the opponent. The techniques utilize changes of the body's axis in order to facilitate simultaneous defense and attack.


Taido's strategic element is based on creative responses to unfolding situations rather than preset patterns of attack and defense.

Taido's competition forms also allow room for creativity, and even reward inventiveness. Creativity also allows teachers to keep training sessions fun and refreshing.


Taido's movements are designed for promoting health and longevity.

Taido students will also develop mentally, by having more confidence and by learning to find creative solutions to problems. Furthermore, because Taido is a Japanese martial art, it stimulates students to develop the 7 virtues of bushido.

International Taido News (translated by Bing):

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Revival season 2016-2017

Posted on Aug 26th, 2016 - Village Amir - 0 Comments

By Sasuke Hello all, The season 2016-2017 will resume on Tuesday 6 September at 20: 00. No change on the slots for the season...

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Beginner start!

Posted on Aug 21st, 2016 - Village Amir - 0 Comments

By admin do you want to try Taido? From Monday 5/9 We take accepting new members. You need fitness Pant, t-shirt and water bottle. We train in ...

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Licenses for the period 1.8.2016-31.7.2017 are now on sale!

Posted on Aug 1st, 2016 - Village Amir - 0 Comments

By the end of summer approaching, it is time for this to happen to revert back to tatamille. Taidoa train many people. ...

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Are you looking for a new hobby? Find your nearest club and get involved!

Posted Jul 8th, 2016 - Village Amir - 0 Comments

Find here the list of the Club! Asikkalan Football Association Source:: Football ...

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